Client Testimonials


Eileen Shired - Legal Assistant at Sonoma County Counsel

"Wards Investigations, Inc. Maghen Ward is the best process server our office has used. Maghen responds quickly and manages even tough serves. She keeps communications open so you know the status of a serve and she goes above and beyond trying to locate someone. I highly recommend Wards Investigations, Inc.!" Hired Wards Investigations in 2013.

Lori Kolacek - . Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren, & Emery. Legal Secretary for LEWIS WARREN

"I first started using Maghen Ward for our process serving needs when she introduced herself to our firm in 2008 as a new process server. Since then, she has proven herself time and time again with locating hard to find defendants and completing difficult serves. She is definitely my number one go to person for process serving." Hired Wards Investigations in 2008.

Janice Chapman - Client in 2014

I used Wards Investigations last year when when I needed urgent and discrete surveillance on a family member suspected of financially/physically abusing another family member. With Maghen's help, my family was successfully able to bring the issue to court and and the guilty party punished accordingly and my family and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of given out circumstances. I had shopped around other for other PI firms and couldn't find one that was competitively priced and worked with me on my budget. Maghen Ward at Wards Investigations handled my case with sensitivity and she was a joy to work with. She is very knowledgeable and kept me updated on all her progress through phone calls and emails. I could tell that Maghen cares for her clientele and will always do what needs to be done for them. She goes that extra mile for her clients and it really shows. If I ever need PI work again, I'd use Wards Investigations and will definitely be recommending Maghen and her whole team to anyone I know who needs a investigative team like this.

Mike Healy - The City Clerk and previous Vice Mayor of Petaluma, California

"Wards Investigations, Inc has been my GO-TO choice for several years. All I care about is results, and that is what they have provided me with. Also, their process servers have very high success rate even with difficult or evasive subjects and always gets the services completed promptly. I hired them in 2008 and I continue to work side by side with Wards Investigations, Inc." Hired Wards Investigations, Inc. in 2008


Maghen Ward is the best private investigator/process server I have had the pleasure of using. She is skilled at locating and serving the most difficult of persons. She is easy to work with and accomplishes service within 24 hours in most cases. Maghen is quite simply the best! Lori Crusselle Office of Sonoma County Hired Wards Investigations, Inc. in 2009.

Ashley Peterson - Legal Assistant

"I work in a law office and we have used Maghen for process serving as well as investigations. We never have to worry that something won't get done on time. She is always very prompt and responds quickly. Plus, her prices are fair. We plan to use her services for a very long time." Hired Wards Investigations in 2014

Micheal Hodnett - Beyer, Pongratz & Rosen, A Professional Law Corporation

Since I can't think of a better way to say it, Wards Investigations rock! They are prompt with affordable service. They have excellent communication which is a breath of fresh air for a busy attorney trying to keep track of a lot of moving parts. I recommend Wards Investigations highly. Michael Hodnett Estate Planning. Real Estate. Small Business. Beyer, Pongratz & Rosen, A Professional Law Corporation Hired Wards Investigations in 2013

Lewis Warren - Shareholder at Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren & Emery

Maghen Ward is a reliable, creative, conscientious business owner who gets the job done efficiently and cost effectively. I recommend her highly. 2012, Lewis was Maghen's client.

Timothy Hannan - CA Attorney General candidate in 2010 and Attorney at Law Offices of Tim Hannan

"I have known Maghen Ward for about four years. On several occasions I have retained her to serve Summons and Complaint on some very dodgy defendants. Maghen's persistence and resourcefulness were remarkable, and she was 100% successful. Moreover, her proofs of service were executed perfectly. Whenever I need a good process server, I don't hesitate to call on Maghen Ward." Hired Wards Investigations, Inc in 2009.

Mary Gamma -

"Wards Investigations, Inc., has performed many legal and process service tasks quickly and correctly. They are prompt and responsive to the situation at hand."

Jeffrey Neil Zimmerman - Family Law Attorney at Zimmerman Law Offices

"Maghen is smart, diligent, responsive and creative. On her own she continues to display the initiative and skill that make it a pleasure to hire her. Stunning results." 2012, Jeffrey Neil was Maghen's client and continues to be.

Kim Reid - Law Offices of Teal, Montgomery and Henderson: Rob Montgomery

Our law office is very pleased with the prompt, efficient process serving results we have received from Wards Investigations. When our law firm turns a serve over to Maghen, even difficult ones, we know they'll get done. Hired Wards Investigations in 2013.

Robert Revel - Owner of GO DIVORCE CLINIC

Recently I had clients who needed a service processed quickly for immigration reasons. The individual to be served was in a small rural town in another state outside California. I was concerned about getting this person served at all, let alone on time. I called Maghen, and she immediately contacted her network and found a professional colleague she trusted to conduct the serve. Ms. Ward supervised the whole process, a serve that took several efforts to make contact. My clients got the serve completed in the critical time frame they needed. I'm not sure I could have got this serve done on time without her. Maghen Ward is one of those people who has more integrity in little finger than many people in her industry do in their whole body. That means you can trust and rely on her services to deliver when you need it to count. That reliability means a lot to me as a business owner who strives to take care of my clients. I recommend her her highly. Robert Revel hired Wards Investigations 2013. Robert Revel Owner, Go Divorce Clinic Healdsburg, CA.

Kacee Clyne - Head Clerk at Save Mart Supermarkets

Ms. Ward has completed a few jobs for me now, and I have never been disappointed with the results. Her services are very efficient and cost-effective. She is reliable, and has always presented herself with a professional demeanor. I have been very satisfied with her work. August 26, 2012, Kacee was Maghen's client

Barry Tagawa - The Law Office of Barry K. Tagawa

"Maghen did a superb job for me in serving a very difficult-to-reach individual with legal papers in a civil litigation matter. She not only served the party once, but actually did it twice on two separate occasions. My hat's off to Maghen Ward, and I recommend her highly for her hard work, dedication, and resourcefulness."
January 10, 2012, Barry was Maghen's client